How do I get Mathematica to display correctly?

This document explains the steps required to solve the problem in which common symbols are not displaying correctly in the Mathematica window, when running on Llama but displaying on your Windows desktop, under Hummingbird Exceed. A typical example might be where the square brackets '[' and ']' display as '@' and 'D' respectively.

Using Mathematica via the Exceed X server requires installation of fonts on the PC running Exceed. In the spirit of Windows, it's impossible to write a simple script that achieves this and the only (documented) procedure involves manually navigating numerous obscure dialog boxes. The following instructions describe the full installation procedure.

This works. Don't get creative and think up new names for directories, you'll just make a mistake, and end up spending more time on it than you really need to. Trust me, I speak from experience!

The options mentioned here are the ones you may need to change. You will navigate through several dialogs, each with many options, many of which are not obvious, nor are they explained well in the Exceed documentation. Use the default values, unless otherwise specified.

This document based on an original ("Using Mathematica fonts in Hummingbird Exceed") by Eran Tromer, with corrections by Ariel Elbaz, and on material from Hummingbird's website ("Compiling unix *.pcf/*.bdf fonts on PC"). Additional help provided by the tech support team at Hummingbird.

Additions/modifications for Roth Lab's Llama cluster by Frank Gibbons, 2002.