Introduction to ChIPper

Welcome back to Chipper. This website makes available the latest version of Chipper. We hope you find it useful. Please send me feedback, especially if you notice problems with the site.

Now, you may upload your data below.

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Download the source code that implements the Chipper method. It's written in the R programming language.

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Mon Oct 18 09:59:27 2021

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    920     if run_all_tests: run_tests=1
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=>  922         main()
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    924         import unittest
main = <function main>
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    910         Actions['Start over'](form, state, session_key)
    911     footer()
=>  912     save_state(form, state, session_key)
    913     if debug: stderr.write("Time to process entire request: %.2fs\n" %
    914                            (time() - t))
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    273     if (valid(session_key)):
    274         session_file = os.path.join(STATE_DIR, session_key)
=>  275         f = open(session_file, "w")
    276         if debug: print "<br>Opened %s<br>" % session_file
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