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You do the clustering, we tell you how good it is.

This page implements the algorithm published as
Gibbons, F.D. and Roth F.P., (2002)
Judging the Quality of Gene Expression-Based Clustering Methods Using Gene Annotation. 
Genome Research, vol. 12, pp1574-1581.
You can download a copy of the perl code if you'd like, or just use this page to run it on our server.
An R version of the ClusterJudge is also available in bioconductor repository.

This is not a new clustering algorithm. Rather, it is a way to judge the quality of data that have been clustered elsewhere. We do this by evaluating the mutual information between a gene's membership in a cluster, and the attributes it possesses, as annotated by the Saccharomyces Genome Database (SGD) You can upload several files of clustered data at once and compare them.

NOTE: In the five years since ClusterJudge was released, a number of developments have taken place which may impact how it performs on your data.

How many cluster files do you want to compare?

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