SILVER: intensity-based scoring and visualization of tandem mass spectra

Introduction to SILVER

SILVER allows you to upload spectrum (DTA) files, and view them in the light of a LOD-based scoring scheme, indicating which peaks are surprising, either by their presence or by their absence.
Upload a spectrum (.DTA) file
Upload a peptide-list (.OUT) file

To refer to the algorithm implemented on this website, please cite these two publications: one for the algorithm, one for its implementation in this site:

  1. Elias, J.E., Gibbons, F.D., King, O.D., Roth, F.P., and Gygi, S.P. (2004) Intensity-based protein identifiation by machine learning from a library of tandem mass spectra., Nat. Biotech. vol. 22, pp214-219
  2. Gibbons, F.D., Elias, J.E., Gygi, S.P., and Roth, F.P. (2004) SILVER helps assign peptides to tandem mass spectra using intensity-based scoring. J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom. (accepted)

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