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Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD Student

Undergraduate or Post-Baccalaureate Student

Staff positions

Bioinformatics Developer
Develop and maintain web-based applications for large-scale biology. Collaborate with members of an interdisciplinary team to translate biological questions into computational and statistical solutions. Lead implementation, testing, deployment while enhancing and maintaining existing bioinformatics applications. Should have a bachelor.s degree in computer science or equivalent and basic coursework in molecular biology and statistics. A solid academic record, strong interest in bioinformatics, and demonstrated aptitude for mathematics/statistics are important. Should have experience in programming and software design, and sound coding practices such as unit testing and revision control. Should be familiar with Web application development, including server- and client-side scripts, analysis of HTTP transactions, and back-end database design. Must know Unix, and be ready to learn new programming environments/languages. Familiarity with any of the following would be a plus: Python, Perl, C/C++, R, Java, OCaml.

The position is within the lab of Dr. Frederick (Fritz) Roth, located at the University of Toronto's Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research and at the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute

To apply, please submit a curriculum vitae and contact information for three references to fritz.roth@utoronto.ca, with subject "Bioinformatics Developer Position".

Preference will be given to applicants with a current right to work in Canada or persons and to applicants for whom this right is relatively easily obtained (e.g., US citizens).

Laboratory Technician
Although no technician or research associate positions are currently available, exceptions may be possible for exceptional candidates. Please send a CV with a brief note indicating your experience and interests to fritz.roth@utoronto.ca.

Postdoctoral Fellow positions

Postdoctoral Fellow . Computational Genomics
Seeking a creative and talented postdoctoral fellow interested in using automated causal reasoning to reveal cellular pathways and drug mechanism of action via integration and analysis of large-scale genomic and proteomic experiments. Involves large-scale data from ongoing collaborations on protein interaction mapping, high-content cellular and organismal phenotyping, protein expression and metabolite profiling, and discovery of genetic interactions to identify and characterize biological pathways. Qualifications are a track record of imaginative and rigorous research and a solid foundation in a substantial subset of computer science, mathematics, statistics, genetics and molecular biology.

To apply, please submit a curriculum vitae and contact information for three references to fritz.roth@utoronto.ca.

PhD Student Positions

The lab is currently accepting graduate students. If you are already admitted to a University of Toronto graduate program, please contact Fritz Roth at fritz.roth@utoronto.ca to discuss a rotation.

Undergraduate or Post-Baccalaureate Student research positions

The lab is full for Summer and Fall 2012. If you are interested in a position for Spring or Summer 2013, please read on and contact fritz.roth@utoronto.ca in late fall

We welcome talented undergraduates (typically within the Toronto Area). In particular, we tend to look for undergraduates with previous molecular biology lab experience. For computational biology work, we require previous programming experience and basic molecular biology coursework.

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Donnelly Centre for Cellular & Biomolecular Research, University of Toronto Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute, Mt. Sinai Hospital