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Most applications have been described in greater detail in one of our publications.

  • Varity infers the functional impact of human missense variants. Publication Code
  • MaveRegistry is a community resource for coordinating and finding collaborators on variant effect mapping studies. Publication Code
  • MaveQuest aggregates information on human protein-coding genes that can be useful in choosing and designing variant effect mapping projects. Publication Code
  • MaveDB is a community repository for systematic measurements of sequence variant effects. Publication Code
  • MaveVis is a tool for visualizing missense variant effect maps obtained from MaveDB Publication Code
  • is a web application for visualizing and imputing missing data for missense variant effect maps. Publication Code
  • hgvsParseR is an R package for parsing the HGVS strings that are commonly used to describe human variation Publication Code
  • TileseqMave is a data-processing pipeline for generating missense variant effect maps using the TileSeq approach Publication Code
  • PrixFixe seeks to identify causal genes amongst a set of genetic loci associated with a given trait Publication Code
  • ChromoZoom is a web-based genome browser currently hosting tracks for the yeast and human genomes. Publication Code
  • FuncAssociate 2.0 takes a list of genes as input and produces a ranked list of the Gene Ontology terms enriched in an input list. Python and Perl clients for the FuncAssociate 2.0 web service are available here
  • SILVER assists the analysis of tandem mass spectra by displaying the predicted mass spectrum of a given peptide, and scoring consistency between predicted and observed spectra. You can access SILVER through a web interface. Code
  • The Synergizer is a database of gene, protein, and other biological identifiers. The Synergizer web interface allows users to translate gene names from one naming scheme ("namespace") to another. For more information about the Synergizer and to download applications allowing programmatic access, please visit the Synergizer help page. Perl client Java client

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