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  • B Floyd, J Weile, P Kannankeril, A Glazer, C Reuter, C MacRae, E Ashley, D Roden, FP Roth, V Parikh†. Proactive variant effect mapping to accelerate genetic diagnosis for pediatric cardiac arrest. Preprints 2022010177 (doi: 10.20944/preprints202201.0177.v1) (2022). Full Text


  • RA Silverstein, S Sun, M Verby, J Weile, Yingzhou Wu, FP Roth†. A systematic genotype-phenotype map for missense variants in the human intellectual disability-associated gene GDI1. bioRxiv https://doi.org/10.1101/2021.10.06.463360 (2021). Full Text

  • D Kuang, R Li, Y Wu, J Weile, RA Hegele, FP Roth†. Assessing computational variant effect predictors via a prospective human cohort. bioRxiv https://doi.org/10.1101/2021.09.20.459182 (2021). Full Text

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  • A Savinov†, FP Roth†. Seeds of their own destruction: Dominant-negative peptide screening yields functional insight and therapeutic leads. Cell Systems 12(7):691-693 (2021). Full Text

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  • J-H Kim, Y Seo, M Jo, H Jeon, Y-S Kim, E-J Kim, D Seo, W-H Lee, SR Kim, N Yachie, Q Zhong, M Vidal, FP Roth, K Suk†. A genetic interaction screen in yeast identifies genes relevant to human PAK1 function in glioma. Journal of Biological Chemistry 295(50):16906-16919 (2020). Full Text

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  • EMN Laurent, Y Sofianatos, A Komarova, J-P Gimeno, P Samavarchi-Tehrani, D-K Kim, H Abdouni, M Duhamel, P Cassonnet, JJ Knapp, D Kuang, A Chawla, D Sheykhkarimli, A Rayhan, R Li, O Pogoutse, DE Hill, MA Calderwood, P Falter-Braun, P Aloy, U Stelzl, M Vidal, A-C Gingras, GA Pavlopoulos, S Van Der Werf, I Fournier, FP Roth, M Salzet†, C Demeret†, Y Jacob†, E Coyaud†. Global BioID-based SARS-CoV-2 proteins proximal interactome unveils novel ties between viral polypeptides and host factors involved in multiple COVID19-associated mechanisms. bioRxiv (2020). Full Text

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    Research Watch: Tumor Virus-Induced Host Network Perturbations Identify Cancer Genes. Cancer Discovery Full Text

    Research Highlights: Identifying driver mutations with the help of viruses. Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology Full Text

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